Our debt work – 2023 figures

8th January 2024

Hunger in the UK isn’t about food. It’s about not having enough money for the essentials.
Our work is about more than providing emergency food parcels. Working with partners, we’re supporting people who have problems with debt, housing, benefits, utility bills, and more.
Our debt workers have shared some figures from the past 12 months with us:
🤝 In 2023 we supported 35 adults to become debt free, with 29 children in their families.
💰 The total debt relieved was just over £330,000, comprising 360 individual debts.
(By comparison in 2022 we saw 17 adults go debt free with a total debt of just over £170,000).
📈 We are currently working with 93 clients and expecting to see many of them become debt free in 2024.
By supporting our work, you’re helping us to support increasing numbers to make huge progress in their lives. Thank you all!

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