Our new charity

1st November 2023

As we’ve mentioned before, as of this week, Sheffield S6 Foodbank is moving to sit under a brand new charity, Food & Community Trust.

This will enable our team to focus on:
šŸ“Œ Community food,
šŸ“Œ Working in schools,
šŸ“Œ Working with young people and families,
šŸ“Œ Working with people in debt.

The charity lets us focus on the people who are in need of help at various stages of their journey šŸ“ˆ.

Nothing will change at HQ – you’ll still see the same, friendly, experienced faces as usual. The only change for now is that we’ve updated our Just Giving campaign link to:

All donations made to the old page have been transferred across as one lump sum amount šŸ’°

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